Catch The Crypto Craze – Fascinating Cryptocurrency Facts & Marketing Tricks You Need To Know!

The word crypto is an ever-expanding one. You can now not find a person who hasn’t heard about cryptocurrency. More people are joining the fold, while some come as investors, some as casual owners or traders, and finally many enthusiasts want to learn more about crypto. Want to know more about Cryptocurrency? We’re here to show you some must-known facts and marketing techniques about cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency which is also known as digital or virtual currency. Cryptocurrency enables online payments without any use of intermediaries. Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in early 2009 and cryptocurrencies are transparency or distributed ledger technology.

Apart from bitcoin, there are alternative coin terms as altcoins. These cryptocurrencies can be mined with massive computational power. Mining crypto is not easy. Each coin transaction required computers in the network to complete and solve the math puzzles. The first computer which solves the puzzle will receive a fraction of bitcoin or an alternative coin.

The global cryptocurrency market capitalization hits around 3 trillion dollars and now the market cap is around 1.8 trillion dollars. Cryptocurrency is also known as a risker asset but also extremely profitable for long term investment.


Interesting Facts of Cryptocurrency!


Bitcoin is often referred to as Digital gold. Bitcoin can provide a store of value like gold. Bitcoin only has 21 million coins and over 18 million bitcoins are in circulation. Where gold is a precious metal, its supply is unknown and hard to verify according to data almost 90% of bitcoin is already mined not only bitcoin, Altcoins also can be mined.
Because of the limited supply and demand of bitcoin a new technology called block chain growth of bitcoin and adoption is becoming greater day by day. Bitcoin price was 5.27 dollar in 2012 coming forward in ten years bitcoin price hits all time high 69800 dollar and now trading around 42500 dollars.


Ethereum is a decentralized and open source blockchain with smart contract. This Ethereum coin is native cryptocurrency platform. Ethereum built and runs decentralized application without any fraud, control, or interference from third party.
With smart wedding contract on Ethereum. People are getting married on blockchain technology with digital marriage certificate program. Couples can now receive digitally married certificate within 24 hours via mail. Where in traditional process marriage certificates duration are 15 days. Certificates which are written using blockchain is known as “Proof of marriage”.
Users can register wedding contract, divorce contract, buy and sell real estate and properties on smart contract.

Axis Infinity


The Axis infinity is the top play to earn cryptocurrency video game. Its non-fungible token (NFT) based video game .For entering into game you need three axis infinity in crypto wallet .According to our game performance we start earning with (SLP) Smooth love potions coins .by selling (SLP) coins in crypto exchange you turn (SLP) into Native currency or US dollar.



The Theta blockchain is a decentralized video streaming network platform. Theta is also open-source software to create new application and service on top of it. This theta network trying to provide new infrastructure and decentralized platform. You earn Tfuel for every minute you watch streams on theta tv that are powered by theta network. Theta network is not trying to replace YouTube but providing a new infrastructure.



Basic Attention Token (Bat) is a blockchain based system for tracking media consumers. This bat crypto is built on Ethereum. Brave browsers decentralize it by preventing data collection and blocking ads. This feature allows you to control your own data and by browsing on Brave web browser you earn bat token for each pop-up ad the user is credited with bat token. It’s easy for a user to protect their privacy and data control. Built-in feature invasive ads blocked, cookies blocked and many feature makes this crypto and browser special.

Mana Decentraland


Mana is an online space virtual reality with blockchain technology built on Ethereum. This crypto is famous for virtual land, estates, avatar wearable and this also an online game. Users may buy and sell virtual plots of land in the platform as NFT (non-fungible token). User can create clothes and sell wearable on decentraland to earn money. Job opportunities like 3D modelling, creating wearable, coding, making videos, art and marketing are ways to make money in decentraland



Status is an open-source messaging platform and mobile application runs on Ethereum. This decentralized application designed to use on both desktops and mobiles. This status crypto is available on both android and iOS. Status users can send, receive, and store bitcoin and other cryptocurrency on their phone.


Audius (Audio) is fully decentralized music streaming platform. Audius hits 6 million monthly active users. Audius recently announced a partnership with Tik-Tok, which is one of the largest social media platforms for music.
A music on the platform available to users

Cryptocurrency Marketing


Social media marketing is an effective way of marketing for cryptocurrency. Twitter, medium, telegram and other social media platform has around 80 percentage of crypto enthusiast. By running social media campaigns blockchain companies create awareness. These social media platforms constantly discuss new cryptocurrency opportunities for crypto users.


Most important thing for any cryptocurrency is websites. By creating websites companies give potential information on websites and attract crypto users to their project. Web design plays an important role on crypto market many crypto users start their investment research with websites. So, designing a wonderful website is a necessary step for attracting crypto users


Airdrops are marketing strategy used by blockchain companies to promote coins to public. It distributes free sample coins for creating awareness and to attract more people. Companies send coins or tokens to establish their cryptocurrency. When you sign up for a newsletter or follow them on social media platforms like twitter, telegram, discord or when you create an account to receive updates, crypto airdrop might be given as a reward.


Most important thing for any cryptocurrency is websites. By creating websites companies give potential information on websites and attract crypto users to their project. Web design plays an important role on crypto market many crypto users start their investment research with websites. So, designing a wonderful website is a necessary step for attracting crypto users


Crypto influencers appear as an expert, trustworthy and experienced in crypto market. Crypto influencer has engaging content on social media. Influencer support blockchain companies promote coins and influencer share content on socials media like, Instagram, telegram, reddit, twitter, YouTube and raise awareness about new crypto coins. These crypto influencers promote crypto coins by free giveaways to their followers.
As the world of cryptocurrency is vast and ever-changing; it is expected to grow even further once there is mass adoption. Who knows what surprises we’re about to witness? So, this will help you to know the facts and marketing tricks of cryptocurrency.

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