Need for Self-Confidence

Confidence is a feeling that is developed over a period of time through numerous experiences. However, for most people, confidence is something that fluctuates based on the situations faced, its travels to its peak and hits the rock-bottom too.

When one is cherishing their success and accomplishments however trivial they may be, it makes them feel confident and strong. But when one is mentally agonized or feeling low they may be recollecting, drawing more focus on their failures and may feel low self-confidence or even defeat. The good news is my dear friends, understand that you are not alone, as everyone struggles in maintaining self-confidence and it’s natural that one fumbles every now and then.

So why is Self Confidence so important?

To Almost every one, the aspiration is to have as many as possible successes, admirable achievements in journey of Life. To start with, one may not possess all the ingredients needed to attain their desired success, mostly they are acquired on the way. But the fundamental component needed to obtain all the other abilities/ talents need to succeed in journey is undoubtedly Self Confidence!

When one is Self-Confident, one feels and believes that he can successfully do something by applying one’s knowledge, skills and prior experiences. Self Confidence, enables one to accept and act on more challenges, provides clarity, increases ones potential and more improves ones Self-esteem.

When one starts proving to oneself, it builds more trust and belief, instils further Confidence.

So how does one build and maintain the Self Confidence?

It’s more like a continuous exercise. When one wishes have a physic that the onlookers envy, one would achieve it only by continuous planned efforts by building on the body with many types of exercises and regulated food patterns.

Similarly, one can build Self Confidence by the following the simple steps. These are from my own experience.

  • Understanding ones strengths and building on it
  • Planning and being prepared for any activity; improves on success rate which boosts the morale.
  • Meditating on a daily basics helps to focus on inner self and helps in taping the hidden potentials
  • Thinking logically than emotionally; gives room to carve out what the next action is – thus helps to channelize energy on the progress
  • Accepting the weaknesses and working on it to improve that they don’t become impediments

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Asir Roy Dinesh

Dinesh is a result Oriented Techno Functional expert with two decades of experience handling the entire gamut of IT services ranging from Strategic planning, Presales, Products Design, Development and Implementation. Had played a pivotal role in enabling Digitalized Audit Solutions including Compliance Handling across most Banks in India.With rich experience in product and architecture design, is currently focused on building Risk and Governance solutions specifically for the BFSI sector with AI and Predictive capabilities.Excellent Functional & Technical Knowledge in Newspaper / Print Media, Web- elearning, Retail , Banking Verticals.


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