This Article is all about “Our Planet. Our Future” for good reason.

Do you agree that the health of our planet and humanity’s future are inseparable?

Also do you agree that every substance has an interconnect?

As mentioned in Newton’s law – every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Whether it is a simple meme or a career, everything is interconnected to our day-to-day personal life.

But the question is what are the outcomes related to this interconnect? Undoubtedly occurring things will be either causal or non-causal.

Similarly, Future – Life – Earth are interconnected with everything. We are all curious about our future predictions.

80’s generation had a lack of benefits, to overcome it – new technology and gadgets were emerging, so that 90’s generation didn’t have to face difficulties in life. Now, current generation (2K) are more advanced & hassle-free in benefits. Well, current generation (2K) didn’t face the difficulties which were faced by the ’80s & ’90s.

Even though there is advancement in technology, the old good virtues are missing. The development in technology has been both boon & curse to the entire world. Well, the communication and transportation have been so easy, there is a lot of exposure and normal household things have been simplified, but still good old (generation) attributes are missing in the present world.

Generation X had a cordial relationship with nature. It was all eco-friendly. The old cranking (Wired) phones didn’t harm the flora and fauna. No junk foods and cloth-based carry bags didn’t cause damage. As the people were close to the nature, life was not a cob-web.

The advancement in technology with the environment should be sustainable development. Whether a person or a family or society, the livelihood base is the earth. Flora, fauna, humans, technology are interrelated with everything. Hence entire functioning of the ecosystem matters a lot.

The evolution of human beings is the base of classification from Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Sub-order, Animal families, Genus, and species. Hence interconnected with the earth.
The classic example of advancement in technology with nature is the IT industry. The entire IT Industry is the ruling power of the future. Developers do advanced research in software development right from coding to executing. Right from online shopping, bank transaction, and ticket booking, IT Industry is the backbone of all. It has simplified the everyday tasks of our life. The computer parts are all derived from Silicon. Without the basic Silicon, there is no – IT industry. These Silicon are found in rocks, sand, clays, and soils and combined with oxygen. Silicon makes up 27.7% of the earth’s crust by mass.

Hence everything is directly proportional to earth. There should be sustainable development and resources should not get depleted. There should be a meaning for the future life on earth for all the earthlings.

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Our junior software engineer Mr. K.Ramesh is an Aeronautical Engineer who is very much interested in sustainable future. Here are his thoughts about “Our Planet, Our Future”.


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