Enhanced Role of Internal Audit in Fraud Risk Management

As per a RBI Report, Indian banking system detected Rs 71,500 Cr worth of frauds in financial year 2018-19. The report …

Discovering Oneself

Confidence is a feeling that is developed over a period of time through numerous experiences. However, for most people…

Why are Trainings Backbone of any Organization?

Training is one of the pillars in any organisation, well-structured training helps the individuals/organizations…

Expert Audit Consulting for Uncertain Times

NCS a ‘Technology Product Company’ with eTHIC as the market leader in Internal Audit automation, in India…

Stairway to a Successful Start-up

The entrepreneurial journey is a multitude experiences and roadblocks. Finding the golden egg is not easy, but is…

AI in Audit

Artificial Intelligence as we know of it, makes it possible for machines to perform tasks that match human intelligence..

Strategies to improve Compliance

Compliance strategy is about adhering to the rules laid down by Regulatory as well as by other related authorities …

Time Management for Professionals

24 Hours… Isn’t that what every single one of us get for each day? How is that a few people get things done and lead a life…

Benefits of Audit Digitalization

Digitalization that was once an aspiration is now a reality. Companies are constantly transforming their processes …

Impact of COVID-19 in Indian Banking arena

COVID-19 has cemented its place in the world history for having significantly impacted the global financial markets, including India.

GITEX – Gulf Information Technology Exhibition, NCS exhibits eTHIC in Dubai

Foothold into cooperative world as we work with Saraswat Bank for digitalizing their Audit Universe

Received Audit Automation order from J & K Bank

First Breakthrough in Small Banks NCS bags order from ESAF Bank

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