Let me start with famous quote

The CFO of a company asks the CEO, “What happens if we invest in developing our people and then leave us?” The CEO responds, “What happens if we don’t and they stay?”

Training is one of the pillars in any organisation, well-structured training helps the individuals/organizations move from lower branch to higher branch in the right way. Eventually training will transform individual and organization one level to an another level.

Unfortunately, most of the mid-level organizations do not understand the importance and benefits to the quality training programmes.

Let us see how the trainings help the Individual or Organisation

Training of Business Process

  1. Provides the basic Knowledge
  2. Assists in applying the Knowledge
  3. Provides the perspective to understand the requirements
  4. Enhances the Quality Output
  5. Improves the Efficiency
  6. Improve the Confidence
  7. Builds the Right Relationships

Every Organization is different on this own; first step in creating an organizational training plan is to identify the kind of trainings that are required and structure of the training. Different types of trainings will be required for different type of teams and persons. Once the organisations have identified the training needs, the execution is a crucial aspect. It is essential to have the trainings done by a trainer who can impart knowledge effectively.

Few benefits that the trainings can

  1. Training provides the knowledge and more importantly how to apply the knowledge
  2. Will improve the productivity and efficiency
  3. Increasing the value
  4. Exceeding the standards
  5. Increase the Relationships internal and external

Trainings bring the strength within the people and most of importantly confidence to individuals and in turn lift organisation.

Training is a continuous process and there is a need to upgrade the training method continuously. Upon training the individuals and constantly understanding the need of what is required to uplift, Organisations improve their performance and will able to achieve the ultimate purpose.

To conclude, a right training not only transforms the individuals from one level to a greater level, this eventually will transform the organizations.

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Shanmugavel P

Shanmugavel (Vel) (Founder, & CEO) is an IT professional, and brings deep technical and domain expertise to the table. Vel has over two two decade’s experience in System Architecture, Product Design, and Innovation. He has supervised, and carried out multiple implementations of enterprise software products across platforms. His technical skills, have been appreciated very much by CTOs in the BFSI space.


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